Paul Taulien | Freelance Industrial Design
Working as a designer with long and short term partners, Paul works in three main areas:
Concept proposal in response to brief

Working with the client to understand the parameters of the project and respond with creative concept options, after having resolved a set of design goal posts. Transparent design process and decision making to support dialogue with the client about what will ultimately deliver success. A concept proposal document is the typical output of this activity.

3D computer modelling of products

Using CAD software, the project with be developed and defined in 3D with definite shape and specifications. Curvaceous plastic products or built steel structures are two ends of the spectrum, with almost everything covered in between over the past 15 years. Rendered visualisations, 3D files for manufacture or drawing packs are typical outputs from this activity.

Design project support

Supporting clients directly onsite in their office and forming an integrating team member is also a viable option for certain clients. Numerous partnerships over the years have been beneficial to clients who have a specific project need and duration.


Check out the Process to see how it all fits together!

2020-2021 HIGHLIGHTS

Metalwork, Steel and Structures


Various projects using sheet metal, sections such as RHS, SHS, incorporating fixings, hardware


Ease of manufacture, Ability to assemble and perform final fit-off with confidence and an easily understandable (self-evident) work method, steel grades, level of detail required to suit application


Design brief, talking with client and clarifying intended targets trying to be achieved, simplifying where possible, breaking design into modules, sub-assemblies for design, production, shipping, galvanising. Concept CAD to facilitate quick ongoing feedback and review of ideas/options to make progress with confidence. Detailed drawings for production with supporting files.

Folded sheet metal

Fitting against various installation conditions

Concept metal work fitting

Fabricated aluminium exterior trims

Framing done with weldments


Billboard structure

Injection Molding


Various projects in industrial and commercial settings, working on shape, reverse engineering, internal feature design and detailing, assembly


Waterproofing, assembly, design for robust lifetime in service against unwanted wear, precision reproduction, easily modified CAD build process for updates and new future versions/sizes.


Working with small tolerances and precision of reproduction eg; 0.1mm deviation from supplied part file for reverse engineering. Predicting performance of new materials for parts.


reverse engineered CAD part


conceptual CAD model



Helmet for ballistic protection


Material manufacturing constraints on curvature, human form and shaping, suiting after market components


Matching to the existing shapes and defining new shapes with patented design features for prototype and manufacture, working with 3D scanned data, reference 3D files, and making work in one complete package to deliver the design intent. The first 3D printed prototype worked and proved the concept first go.


various 3D elements as references


example 3D CAD modelling