Paul Taulien

Paul has a double degree qualification in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, and has worked across industry sectors, in various countries, with small businesses and world leading manufacturing companies. He brings the enthusiasm, energy and creativity to the job.

Working closely with the client and associated stakeholders to directly understand and produce results in a connected manner is a key distinction of how Paul operates. When the project lead is also capable of coming up with the concept creation and follow it through to a detailed design for production, the outcome can be more assured, as seen in the range of portfolio projects.

Paul enjoys learning and challenges, essential to evolving as personally and a professional. Design offers no shortage of new applications of learnt knowledge and expansion to include new areas, since design by nature evolves daily to the changing world around us.

Outside of work, Paul is a family guy, mountain biker, music enthusiast and avid maker of just about anything that may need to be made.

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